Attention owners in Unit 1, Unit 2, Unit 4, Kinhega Estates and Mallard Bluff:
By now you should have received a packet in the mail regarding the revitalization of the Restrictive Covenants for your Unit.  PLEASE ensure that you sign and send in your consent form ASAP.  The proposed revitalized Covenants that you received are virtually identical to the original Covenants for your Unit except that irrelevant developer references have been removed. We understand that many of you wish that the covenants can be updated and amended to more accurately reflect the current policies of the neighborhood. Unfortunately, the Dept. of Economic Opportunity (“DEO”), the State Agency that has to approve covenant revitalizations, will not approve a revitalized set of covenants unless it is virtually identical to the original. This seems very illogical, however, it is the way DEO handles this matter and we do not want our revitalization to be denied. Rest assured that as soon as we get these covenants revitalized, the HOA will be working diligently on amending the covenants to bring them up to date.  In the meantime, in order to maintain ALL of our property values as well as the beautiful common areas we all enjoy (lakes, parks, landscaped entrances), please sign and send in your Consent form. If you have misplaced your consent, there are some available below or by emailing the HOA office at  Signed consents can be mailed to 7110 Beech Ridge Trail, Tallahassee, FL 32312 or emailed to  If you have questions about the revitalization process in general, check out the State of Florida Department of Economic Opportunity website at  We appreciate all of your help in helping to keep Killearn Lakes a beautiful and thriving community!”

Unit 1 Member Approval To Revitalize Covenants
Unit 2 Member Approval To Revitalize Covenants
Unit 4 Member Approval To Revitalize Covenants
Kinhega Estates Member Approval To Revitalize Covenants
Mallard Bluff Member Approval To Revitalize Covenants


Mosquito Spraying in Killearn Lakes Unit 1
Florida Department of Health – Zika Virus Information
Florida Department of Health – Daily Zika Update


Quail Common/Bannerman Road Entrance Is Now Open


KLHOA Members:
Report when you see trees being felled-Do not approach-Immediately contact the KLHOA office with the address and name of the tree removal company and/or a vehicle tag number.
Thank You


 Leon County Sheriff’s Office – Detectives Ask Citizens to Lock Their Vehicles




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